Yii Extensions

Home made extensions for the Yii Framework.

EGuiders logo

The EGuiders extension is a wrapper for the EGuiders JQuery plugin. With it, you can guide your user through your page to the new feature you've just added, or just to introduce him with a new layout .. well, in any case when a guide is needed, EGuiders is here to help !


ExBreadcrumbs logo

The ExBreadcrumbs extension is a wrapper for the xbreadcrumb JQuery plugin. Your breadcrumbs will never be the same again !!


simpleWorkflow logo

The SimpleWorkflow extension is a set of Yii components that is dedicated to provide an easy way to manage the life cycle of CActiveRecord objects inside a workflow.


jformValidate logo

JFormValidate is a Yii extension dedicated to provide Javascript Form Validation feature, for the Yii framework. This extension relies on an existing JQuery plugin that provides all the logic and functionnalities for the actual client-side Form validation.


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